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Dried Mealworms

Boost your flock's health with nutrient-rich mealworms (over 50% protein) and support plastic recycling with every purchase.

Frass 3-4-2 Fertilizer

Energize your garden with Frassilizer, the all-natural, chitin-rich, microbial powerhouse for your legumes, lettuce, fruit trees, and more.

Small Family Farmers in Oregon

We're not just another mealworm importer buying products in bulk from China and repackaging them here. We're a small family farm in Eugene, Oregon raising mealworms on agricultural waste (wheat bran) and dyring them in our own facility. We sell to local families who raise chickens in their backyards, or like to feed wild birds, or grow food and ornamentals in their gardens. But that's not all. We're on a mission to get rid of plastic waste for good. Learn more About Us.

plastic pollution beach cleanup

Our Mission to Reduce Plastic Waste

 Plastics make life in the modern world much better in so many ways. But, we don’t need to use plastics for single use packaging. That’s why we ship all of our products in certified compostable and resealable bioplastic (not PLA) bags. In addition, we’ve teamed up with 1% for the Planet to financially support groups that are fighting against plastic pollution with at least 1% of our sales. We hope you agree with us and will join our cause to end plastic pollution.