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Grown in the United States

Why we care about growing, processing, and packaging in the US: 

We take pride in keeping our product American grown and made. We look to support other American businesses through our packaging and shipping helping us keep everything local while improving the local economy. 

Additionally we are regulated by U.S agencies and can insure the quality of our products as we are growing and processing them. While we are a new type of american farmer, our insect products allow us to partner and work with other traditional farmers. Whether it’s through dried mealworms helping reduce the need for fishmeal or our insect frass as a fertilizer for our local farms. We are hoping to have our entire product system in a circular system. We want to create a community of local farmers where we can all benefit from each other.

International relationships are important and can be beneficial, but we want to focus inward first, in order to build resilience in the American food and feed system. Once we have achieved that we can start tackling it on a global scale.