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Mission, Vision, Values


We help people live in harmony with the natural world through the beneficial use of insects. Planet Bugs provides dried mealworms for all kinds of birds to bolster natural ecosystems and as a alternative protein to fish meal and soy. 



We are growing the US insect economy through small scale farming. We outfit existing buildings to lower our capital costs and provide easy entrance for other farmers to join our collective. We have a focus on utilizing renewable energy wherever and whenever we can. Planet Bugs uses food waste as our primary feedstock - today that's wheat bran, but we're exploring brewer's spent grains. We currently spend 5% of total revenue on research aimed at reducing plastic waste. In the future we hope to fund even more research and have our own team of researchers pursuing cutting edge science to breakdown plastics at large scale. Additionally, we hope to be a certified B corp. 



At Planet Bugs we believe in building a cohesive team and provide every empolyee with a livable wage. We are open and transparent, sharing what we've learned so far. We aim to be non-judgemental and not all issues have clear solutions (e.g. not all livestock is bad; GMOs can have positives, etc.)